DIGA events
Regular workshops provide information on gardening techniques and enable able-bodied and disabled gardeners to socialize and work together.

Eight times a year, DIGA members gather at local botanical gardens or horticultural and community centres for educational and interactive workshops.

Each workshop is led by an expert guest speaker drawn from the professional gardening community, who provides insight into plants, techniques and garden design.

Instruction is tailored specially for people with physical disabilities and includes:

  • Creating a barrier-free garden
    Getting to, from and around garden areas. This includes path width and material, grading, convenience of watering supply, etc.

  • Use of containers, raised beds, and other enabling structures
    Members are introduced to the most important adaptations: container gardening and use of raised beds. These techniques raise the soil level to keep the plants within easy reach from a wheelchair or scooter.
  • Using adapted garden tools & devices
    Workshop participants become familiar with adapted tools and other equipment, which can be custom made to their specific requirements by volunteer engineers from the Tetra Society of North America.

  • Gardening information
    Members consider selection, nurturing and care of garden items. We consider plant height, colour, fragrance, and location.

  • Hot topics
    Lectures on organic gardening, hands-on planter creation and creation of seasonally specific displays.

Details of DIGA's next event are here.