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  Sam Sullivan
British Columbia
  Gordon Anthony
ADA Compliance Officer

Often people with significant disabilities, especially marginally independent quadriplegics, need a forum to share their techniques of overcoming simple problems in their lives. I am constantly amazed and fascinated by the inventiveness of other quadriplegics in finding ways to live full lives according to their own vision. At the minimum, I would love to develop a website, possibly connected to Tetra, or perhaps the Disability Foundation, that would feature different individuals and the tricks they have developed. Other disabled people reading these stories would gain inspiration and possibly techniques that they could apply to their own lives. - Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan
Mayor (former), Vancouver, British Columbia

Most Valuable Innovations

1. Warm Undergarments
Like many quadriplegics living in northern climates, Sam spent much of the year feeling cold and trying to find a warm place. One day he decided that he was through with feeling cold and that he would develop clothing that would ensure he was warm...read more >

2. Abdominal Belt
Sam was concerned about his lack of abdominal muscle tone and tried several commercially available abdominal belts. These belts would quickly ride up to the chest when he got in his wheelchair and did not stay in place...read more>

3. Suction Leg Bag
Another contributor to bladder health is an innovation Sam had made through Tetra. He noticed that regular condom drainage using gravity was not very effective...read more>