Vancouver Adapted Music Society


VAMS supports and promotes musicians with physical disabilities in the Metro Vancouver area.

We assist numerous artists who have an inability or long haul sickness, and we can dependably attempt to ensure that you are receiving all the assistance you are qualified for from the neighborhood government and advantages framework. The Government’s site has an outline of the assistance accessible from the government.

Debilitated Musicians:

We are spearheading a worldwide development to perceive and feature incapacitated artists with exceptional capacities. It enlists on a moving premise and is available to exceptionally fit and productive artists who are focused on playing in a troupe. The site has an exceptionally accommodating page for visually impaired and partially blinded artists that has data on various aspects.

Creating Music:

There exists an innovation center point that intends to separate boundaries to getting involved in music by handicapped individuals. Also conveying training ventures, they bolster crippled artists to build up their vocations and work with the goal to have a noteworthy influence on the human culture and experiences. Numerous music scenes extend discounts or exceptional prices for individuals having handicaps. We don’t have the assets to arrange these rebates yet it merits knowing these places in your locality.

Various Benefits:

The fundamental advantage for handicapped individuals is that it is being eliminated and supplanted by independence charges. In case you have additional requirements as a result of disease or incapacity the advantages that might be accessible will encourage you. You may have the capacity to receive assistance for commutation expenses. Your advantages might be influenced in case you have a long visit to the doctor’s facility or have to depend on a care provider facility.

Vacations and Hiatus:

Pop over here to know that vacations can be convoluted and distressing to mastermind under the most favorable circumstances and that there can be additional difficulties in sorting out a vacation in case you are crippled. Hence in case you are pondering arranging an occasion and might want to go to an office that gives caring facilities while permitting you the opportunity to less, you might be keen on the different associations that offer such benefits.

We operate Western Canada’s only fully-accessible recording studio, have our own choir, and promote concerts. Our latest CD, The Strong Sessions, highlights VAMS musicians – which we re-created on stage in April 2015.

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